ABC News on election typography and branding

The designer of the typeface used by Obama, Gotham, is one of the United States greatest living type designers (seriously, there is a renaissance in type design happening right now and Toby is one of the leaders). Gotham is simultaneously urban and working class but also high end as well. It was carved on the cornerstone of the new World Trade Center complex but is based on urban san serif type made by local sign shop guys. Toby is a native New Yorker.
John Baskerville (Clinton’s type choice) lived during 18th Century in England. Baskerville is respectable but conservative and more an early 1990s choice. 
Optima (McCain) was designed by Hermann Zapf, a well regarded soft spoken German type designer known for his calligraphic inspired type designs. Zapf is 90 years old and still hard at work (like McCain?)
(ABC botched it a bit. They show Obama placards - which do not emphasis Gotham but a different font - while they are talking about Gotham which is slightly visible for the web address at the bottom of the placards.)
I’m not saying there is any connection between the candidates and type history but, well, you decide….

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